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As a creative, you know how important community support is to the journey. Create•Here Studio is dedicated to providing a space that promotes productivity, creativity, and community. You can be a part of this movement too!



Ashley Sherellee

Badoul Marketing offers freelancing marketing services to women that own service based businesses. Our goal is to help you refine your current marketing efforts and position your brand as a top leader within your industry. We are on a mission to help 100 businesses become profitable brands by transforming your content.

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Kiara Nelson

Natural Boss Creative is a creative brand and web design agency that helps established service providers create a profit-producing visual brand for their business & bread+butter offers.

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Started Queen’S Table back in 2014 and just recently launched QTLive for those who wanted to see the face behind the words. BÉL has been around less than a year and we are already relaunching and rebranding to have his and hers so stay tuned for that as well!

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Taylor Janae

Rooted In Confidence, formerly known as Janae Naturals, is a haircare brand that is all about growth. We specialize in hair growth and scalp care products. Our motto is "growing your confidence strand by strand," because we know how heavy a girls confidence weighs on her hair being healthy and done

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Jaidah Kelly

Owner of Creme Media co. a graphic design company and the creator of the Creme Planner a staionary company dedicated to creatives.

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